Friday, October 29, 2010

the tiniest of pumpkins

Dearest friends,
Two more days until the Great Pumpkin comes! Halloween may be my third favorite holiday just because it leads up to the greatest holiday of the year: HANKSGIVING.
(**Those of you who are clueless about Hanksgiving are in for a treat in about three weeks.)

Until the greatest holiday of the year comes around, I guess I'll have to settle for tiny pumpkins, handmade costumes and homemade caramel apples.

Kristin, Robbie and I carved the littlest pumpkins around.

We began by gutting our baby pumpkins...

(robbie's pumpkin was more toddler-sized than baby-sized)

then we started carving the baby pumpkins... (turns out, Kristin and I had the same idea for our design...)

... then I ate some of Kristin's aaaaamazing homemade banana bread...

then our little love pumpkins waited for Robbie to finish his toddler pumpkin....

made some baked pumpkin seeds while we waited...

and finally put flameless candles inside of them!

Next up... costume making!!


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