Friday, April 29, 2011

Schooled by two-year-olds

My lovelies,

I've been babysitting 20+ hours a week for a little over a month now and I just wanted to let you know that according to two-year-olds, "pokats" means polkadots and "ahmake" means lemonade.

In case you were wondering.

I'm in Riverside, gearing up for a big weekend at Stagecoach Festival!! Yehaw, y'all.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm still aliiiive!

My dears,

It's been far too long since I've last posted... more than TWO MONTHS!

That's equivalent to about two years in blogland.

I apologize for my lack of commitment lately. Instead of spending time blogging- which I absolutely adore to do- I've been committing myself to working about 35 hours a week, interning for the blues about 10-15 hours a week and going on some pretty fabulous weekend trips.

I've basically been enjoying my last few weeks as a worry-free college student.

Some recent updates:

- Robbie and I went on a Grandma run to Michigan/Canada to visit all of his grandparents and my family. It was so wonderful to meet his family and for him to spend some more time with mine.
- Went wine tasting twice in two weekends. Once my gang of friends went with R&P Doogie (Page and Ryan's new nickname) while they were visiting and we ended up playing a sweet game of bocce ball at one of the wineries.
- Kristin and I are in the middle of planning a trip to Europe. We're planning on going to Prague, Vienna and Berlin. Stoked.

So that's the wonderfully easy life I've been leading, which is why I haven't been posting. I've been too busy playing.

I promise I won't leave blogland in the dust anymore.
Now please excuse me while I get back to work.

And by work I mean Facebook.


p.s. More info on interning for the Blues soon!!