Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween

Dearest friends,

Happy Halloween!! Here's a lovely little picture from my trip to the pumpkin patch earlier this week with my friend, Anieca.

One year when I was younger and my Maw Maw (my mom's mom) had just started to live with us, she made about 100 candied apples for trick-or-treaters to have when they stopped by for candy. Even in 6th grade I knew that with all the paranoid parents around my neighborhood all of the candy apples would go to waste. No one's parents would let them eat something homemade. It's just a Halloween rule of safety. That year was a dud of a year anyway. Not too many trick-or-treaters came and sure enough, only about 20-30 candy apples were given out.

The following year, though, was a different story. Everyone had heard about the candied apples and by 9:00 my Maw Maw had run out of apples to give! Every year after that she made around 100-120 apples to give out and every year we would run out. Parents of trick-or-treaters always complimented my Maw Maw on how great it was that she made so many candied apples for the kids.

When she moved back to Louisiana a few years later, we still had kids and parents stopping by asking about the candied apples on Halloween.

That, my friends, is what Halloween is all about. Good, old-fashioned fun. And candied apples.


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