Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Southern friend

How did I get stuck with such successful friends?

I've got one in law school at UCLA.
Another that won a NCAA softball championship.
And this one here is published in The South Magazine.

Stop it, you guys. You're making me look bad.

A couple days ago when I got home from work, I found this lovely little magazine waiting for me in the mail.

It even had my name on it.

My not-so-Southern Southern friend, Anieca, sent it to me, post-it-ed with her published articles and photos!

Anieca, my dear friend and senior project partner in college, hit the road before we even graduated to be with her fiancé sweetheart who is stationed in Savannah, Georgia. In order to graduate from Cal Poly with a degree in journalism, every journalism student has to complete an internship. Anieca took full advantage of her being in Savannah and hooked herself up with The South Magazine for her internship. Not a bad gig!

Now all of her hard interning work is paying off and they're publishing her stuff!

Here's her adorable bio:

An article she wrote about Savannah's philharmonic's executive director (she also took those photos!!):

And another article published:

I feel like a proud mom.

Anieca, you're a rockstar.