Monday, February 21, 2011


Dear friends,

Robbie's parents came to visit this weekend. They made me miss my dad, so I'm heading home this upcoming weekend!

They were so wonderful to us. They treated us to wine tasting all day long on Sunday and took us to breakfast on Monday morning.

Here's a waaay overexposed shot of the whole group at Justin Winery.

We made an impromptu stop a couple wineries later at Peachy Canyon. The Moens bought me a bottle of white wine that was delicious. I'll have to open it on a special occasion!

Robbie's buddy Sam was so wonderful and drove us from winery to winery.

This is at Denner, which was overpriced but gorgeous:

At a tiny little winery called Tolo:

L'Aventure had the COOLEST wine glasses. They didn't tip over!!

The Moens are always so fun to hang out with. I'm looking forward to heading home this weekend!



  1. oh my, your photos are like professional photographs!

  2. what camera do you use? love the pics!

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