Tuesday, December 28, 2010

good friends, good food & the dutch baby

My lovely friends,

Can you believe that Christmas came and went already? New Years Eve will be here in a few days and I haven't found a knock-off gold sequined skirt yet for my party outfit (if anyone finds one in a small/medium, you know who to call).

Christmas at the Schiller household was nice and low-key this year. My dad got me these SWEET earbuds from Adidas. I'm not sure if other people experience this when they run, but my little ears get nasty and sweaty while running so my earbuds always fall out. I've resorted to using these 80s-looking earphones that are completely embarrassing to wear in public. These new Adidas earbuds are AMAZING!!! There's this nifty flap thing that tucks into the fold of your ear so it's nice and secure while you run. I'm in love.

Lauren got Page and me some knitting stuff and taught us the basics on Christmas. She's a pro at knitting.

Lauren trying to teach Page how to knit.

I resorted to using the hoop to make a beanie.

Uncle George drove all the way from the San Francisco area (as did Page and Ryan) to spend the day with us. Even though he was our guest, he entertained us with his amazing cooking skills. Lamb, crab legs, lobster, ham... we had it all.

Another successful Christmas down, MANY more to come in the future.

Today, I spent the day catching up with old friends.

I met Carizza and Devon for breakfast at The Original Pancake House and Carizza ordered the Dutch Baby...

It was a Dutch MONSTER! That thing was huge! For being such a tiny thing, Carizza ate that Dutch Baby/Monster like a champ.

Then tonight, I hosted a lovely little reunion for the Victoria Girls, 8 ladies that have been friends since third grade at Victoria Elementary School. We had a potluck style dinner and everyone brought a little something to share. After gossiping and reminiscing, we headed to Collin's house for an old-school high school partay. The Most, our faaavorite high school band, played and it was fabulous.

Good friends, good food and good times.
What else could I ask for?


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