Saturday, December 11, 2010

we're going hot

Dear friends,

Shooting guns is scary.

For Robbie's birthday, I took him to an indoor shooting range. Never having shot a gun before, I didn't know how freaking scary shooting one can be.

Robbie was loving it though!

I learned how to load a gun.

It's hard.

I also learned how to aim.

This is me being scared to shoot. I only shot maybe three times (as in three bullets) because it freaked me out too much.

There were two cops shooting next to us. Our target is the black one and one of the cop's target is the orange one. The cop was practicing shooting one-handed... with his left hand. He hit the target in the head every single time.

Don't mess with that guy.

Funny story: while Robbie was changing guns, the two cops and I took a break from wearing those headphones since no one was shooting. When the cops were ready to shoot again, one of them said to me, "Ma'am... we're going hot!" I had NO clue what that meant at the time, but I loved it. It may be my new catchphrase.

Overall, scary experience. I'm glad we went- Robbie had a blast and wants to go again.

He can go with a friend.


P.s. My roommate, Kristin, GRADUATED yesterday!!!!! Congrats, miss lady!

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