Wednesday, December 8, 2010

procrastination help

Dear friends,

This week is finals week.

It is finally:
- the end of the quarter
- Robbie's birthday
- time for Kristin to graduate (sad!)
- feeling like Christmas time

Two finals and one senior project down and one final to go.

For those of you who are still studying for finals, please take a moment or two to procrastinate:

around the web
Hilarious Cake Wrecks that almost make you pee your pants.
Christmas tree cupcakes that help me get into the Christmas spirit.
The secretest of secret posts from PostSecret.
Joanna's wonderful Christmas Gift Guide that makes you wish you had a billion dollars to buy AWESOME gifts.
Lovely deals & ideas from Snapfish for Christmas presents.
Pretty prints from Tush Tush (found through Joanna's blog)... This one's my favorite.
Homemade french fries recipe. Made some this week! Delish.
In LOVE with this beachy photo by Brookelyn

movie trailers
The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (On instant play on Netflicks)
The Next Three Days (TOTALLY worth $10 to see in a theater)
Black Swan (Disclaimer: don't watch if you're easily freaked out...)
The Eagle (Looking forward to seeing Channing Tatum branch out from his usual role as gangster heart throb)
Little Fockers (For Becca, whose true love is Ben Stiller)

Happy birthday, Robbie!
(photo from last New Year's in Seal Beach)


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