Friday, January 7, 2011

new year, new changes

Lovely friends,

Winter quarter started and quite a few things have changed...

I'm back in action at the Mustang Daily and so far, so good. I'm determined to get a good grade in that class. My roommate last quarter, Kristin, has graduated and moved out. I miss her dearly but I have a new roommate, Lindsey, and she's pretty wonderful also! Taco Tuesdays will now be spent with Brett, Kat, Kat and Clay instead of Kristin. I've also made some new years resolutions INCLUDING stopping my nail biting habit. Gross. And I want to blog more often.

Aside from the changes around here, we had a couple of visitors this weekend in San Luis Obispo. Becca, my bestest friend from back home, came through SLO on her way back to school in Oregon. (Check out her blog from when she went to Ghana last year) We went downtown with Brett, Kat and the gang Thursday night and spend Friday doing close to nothing. Kimberly, Brett's cousin, also came to visit this weekend.

Here's a picture of all that is Becca:

2011 is going to be a year full of changes. Many of my friends and I are graduating this year and after that we'll be entering the working world (hopefully!). I'm looking forward to seeing all of the positive opportunities that will be presenting themselves to my friends and family in the upcoming months.

Good luck to all and I'm crossing my fingers that 2011 treats us even better than 2010.


p.s. Here's a 2010 recap:

Barack Obama began serving as our president. I love Michelle.

Lots of weddings!! My cousin, Tiffany, got married (here are photos from her bachelorette party- penis straws and all) and so did my sister, Page.

I turned 21!!

Did some traveling...

and practiced my photography skills.

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