Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspire yourself

My friends,

I have to be honest.

I love to blog. But when I'm not doing cool, exciting things like traveling to Prague and Berlin and Vienna or checking out new places to live (HELLO, AUSTIN!), it's hard to find inspiration to blog. What's so great about going to work, coming home, hanging out with my dad and sister and talking to my Robbie on the phone everyday?

Not much.

No one wants to hear about that kind of stuff.

It's hard to get inspired by the regular, routine stuff that goes on in our lives.

But what happens when we don't find inspiration in the everyday?
It's just another day that passes by. Routine. Ordinary.

Today at work, my boss coordinated a writing class for whoever wanted to attend. Pretty awesome, right? We spent two hours doing writing exercises, brainstorming business ideas and just sharing about what makes us who we are.

Our writing coach shared this video with us:

This was my tidbit of inspiration for the day. I really could have blown it off as just another part of my day at work, but I really took this video and the writing class to heart.

If inspiration doesn't find me during the day, then I better find some sort of inspiration in the day that's been given to me.

What inspires you? How do you get inspired?


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