Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 of 3: Continued: Prague's Castle!

Dear friends,

Prague, with its polka-like music and cobble-stoned streets and amazingly delicious food and funny souvenir shops, reminded Kristin and I a lot of Disneyland.

When we came across this funny little band on our morning walk to the castle (Disneyland also has a castle!!) we definitely felt like we were at the happiest place on earth.

Except we were in Prague, which is way cooler.

There were two girls dancing to this band and they were doing what looked like a line dance but way less country and way more foreign.

For those of you who are uniformed about the way castles work, they're built on top of a hill.

To get to the castle, you have to climb that hill.

Two days later, my feet are still sore and bruised.

Here's Kristin and I climbing the beginning of what felt like a thousand stairs up to the castle.

Taking pictures on the way up was definitely an excuse to stop and catch our breath.

When we FINALLY got to the top, we came across this beauty:

The cathedral at the castle was so massive that even crouching down to take a picture of it couldn't get the whole building.

Seriously, pictures do not do Prague justice.

Kristin and I in the royal gardens:

Since we couldn't enter the cathedral or castle until 1:00 in the afternoon, we trekked back down the dreaded stairs to grab a bite to eat at a medieval tavern.

When we ordered duck and dumplings for two, our waitress asked if we wanted a whole or half. She said that half was enough for two.

I had no clue what "whole" or "half" meant, but apparently it meant a whole duck or half duck.

And my goodness, half a duck was more than enough for FOUR people.

We didn't even eat half of our half duck. It was amazingly delicious, though!

The duck with the dumplings and cranberries... YUM.

While most of the Czech people we met were very nice, our waitress at our tavern was not. She wouldn't accept my credit card even though she brought out the card swiper because she saw that we had cash.

What a beez.

We didn't leave a tip. Rude, I know. But she had it coming.

Just before 1:00, we headed back up the stairs (OW) to go explore the castle and cathedral.

The cathedral was massive. And crowded.

The castle had the most amazing views.

(I love that you can see the river in the background!!)

Throwing pennies in the wishing well. They were American pennies, of course!

After our castle tour, we took a break until our romantic dinner cruise where we got to see the castle lit up.

What surprised Kristin and I was how dark it was at night. For being such a huge city, there were very few lights at night, making it very romantic and VERY hard to take pictures.

Now... BERLIN!



  1. One of my favorite cities ever! PRAGUE!!

  2. I love all of these photos! Thank you for sharing them!