Sunday, November 7, 2010

top of the mark to ya

Dearest friends,

I can't believe the weekend is over already. Robbie and I had a lovely, short visit to San Francisco to visit Page and Ryan. Although out trip was short, it was just enough time to make me remember just how much I loooove hanging out with those two.

Robbie and I took off on Friday after work and got up to SF by about 8. Page and Ryan showed off their adorable home and we all took a walk to get pizza.

The next morning, we went to the Academy of Sciences, a museum that Page and Ryan have been raving about for the last two years since Ryan moved to SF.

(We had a good, inappropriate laugh at these little guys... We're so immature.)

One of the coolest things about the Academy was its "living roof." It's a self-sustaining habitat that grows on top of the museum. How amazing is that?!

Favorite picture of the trip. Handsome.

The museum was kind of like a zoo too; there were a ton of living animals (including stingrays- my favorite).

GIANT frog. He was so funny to look at. He must've been about 10 inches in height. SO big.

Night at the Museum?! Anyone?! That dinosaur reminds me so much of that movie.

After the museum, a nap and a quick check on Zenyatt and the Michigan game (Robbie was beyond bummed that he missed the most epic game in Michigan's history) we headed to the Top of the Mark, a restaurant at one of the highest points in the city.

Walking the hills in heels. Page is such a trooper.

Being the type of people who make inappropriate jokes about little deer named dikdiks, we continued to greet each other at the restaurant by saying, "top of the mark to ya" in weird, fake irish accents. We would.

Robbie ordered a pink martini. Please check it out in the bottom right corner so he'll be completely embarrassed.

The newlyweds.

Top of the Mark crew ready for some brewskies. We headed to Lefty O'Douls (I think?) for a giant dinner and beers, then caught the Muni back to Ryan and Page's house.

Since Robbie was missing Gin Fizz, a biannual party that his fraternity puts on that involves waking up at 7 a.m., eating a breakfast burrito at Frank's and drinking Gin Fizz, a smoothie made up of sherbert ice cream, bananas, 7-Up, Sunny-D, Gin and ice, until the late afternoon, we decided to celebrate Gin Fizz, San Francisco style.

The boys mixed up the drinks while Page and I set up Cranium.

The events that followed will probably never disclosed to save the four of us from complete embarrassment.

Robbie and I had such a fabulous trip and we both look forward to visiting again.

Sadly, I won't be seeing Page and Ryan until the Schiller-McCarthy tournament (those darn McCarthys would probably call it the McCarthy-Schiller tournament, but us Schillers know the true order of the names).

Until then... top of the mark to ya!


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