Thursday, November 4, 2010

coffee shop with a german name i can't pronounce

My dearest friends,

I stumbled upon the loveliest coffee shop ever. It has a German name I can't pronounce and it has two long bookshelves lining the walls AND it has sweet, iced chai.

Favorite. Place. Ever.

This little coffee shop with the German name I can't pronounce just opened and last night they were having you pay only what you thought you should pay for coffee and food. Adorable. I went up to order an iced chai and come to find out, they were only taking cash. I told them to cancel my order because I never, ever carry cash and the barista girl told me, nonsense, and gave me a free chai! I told her I would be returning with cash and friends soon.

One free, sweet, creamy delicious iced chai.

"I love to read" written on a cute chalkboard painted on the wall. The internet code is written on there and its poorbutsexy. Love that.

There was a little musical corner with a piano, an acoustic guitar and an old violin on top of the piano. I wonder if they'll have little jam sessions here in the future.

Favorite thing about the coffee shop with the German name I can't pronounce: the books. The shelves were filled with used books in pretty darn good condition (The Secret Life of Bees was on there- wonderful, wonderful book). The frames above the bookcase are filled with portraits of famous authors.

By far the coolest coffee shop I've ever been in.
Please come with me and we can jam, read and drink chai together!

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    i was in that coffee shop on Friday and vowed that I would go in, take pictures, and blog about it because i loved it so dang much!!!

    seriously, i am obsessed. did you see the typewriter and the notes? it made my day!