Friday, September 23, 2011

Coundown OVER (almost)

My friends!

Tomorrow is the day! I'm finally packing up to go on my long-awaited Europe trip with my dear friend, Kristin.

Though I was against the idea at first, I'm bringing along my computer on the trip. I didn't want to lug the thing around, but Robbie, my dad and Kristin's parents convinced me it would be a handy thing to have while we're over there. I'm guessing that they mostly just wanted us to bring a computer so we could Skype them!

Having my computer, though, means I'll be blogging while I'm there!! Look for photo posts of our adventures. I can't wait to share the bazillion photos I'll be taking while we're there.

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to San Fran to stay at Page and Ryan's place until I fly out with Kristin on Monday.

Which means tonight is PACKING NIGHT!

A couple of things that are going in my bag:

This is one of the two purses I'm bringing. This one's smaller and for going out at night. I love the across-the-body trend that's going on right now with purses, so I'm trying it out.

After going out to a birthday dinner for the lovely and talented Carizza and seeing one of her close friends wearing this top, I had to get it. She pulled it off so well! I LOVE all things lace.

My sister, Page, was TOO thoughtful. She went on an Amazon rampage and bought a ton of things for me to take to Europe (including five converters for my electronics...!). One super cute thing she bought for me was a pair of little ballet flats that fold up and fit in my purse! EXCELLENT for a night out on the town.

(Thanks, Page!!)

Also wanted to give a BIG thank you to Miss Ashley Sacknoff. She lent me the backpack she used when she studied abroad in London last summer.

(Thanks, Ashley!)

Another cool thing Page got for me: travel-sized laundry detergent, body wash and hand soap! I LOVE the idea of being able to wash a shirt I've worn twice in my hotel with this tiny little laundry detergent. I never knew doing laundry could be so cute!

(Thanks, Page!!)

A must-have for any trip I go on: travel journal. I got this at Borders a while ago. Aren't the little buildings adorable?

My kindle!!! My dad bought this for me as a graduation gift and it's been a beautiful gift thus far. I have a LOT of travel time on this trip, so I'm happy to have access to millions upon millions of books.
(Thanks, Dad!)

Travel documents... itinerary, flight schedules, hotel reservations, maps, passport, etc. Marilyn, Robbie's mom, always makes Robbie a folder with his travel info in it. I got the idea from her!

(Thanks, Marilyn!)

Also got this lovely Izod pouch from Marilyn! On my visit with the Moens a few weeks ago, she gave me this little guy to take to Europe with me! I'm using it to store all of my electronic stuff and as a passport holder during the day.
(Thanks, Marilyn!)

THANK YOU to everyone who has made this trip extremely easy to look forward to. I even got an email from an Electrical Engineering student, Allan, from Cal Poly giving me all sorts of travel advice! So thoughtful!

Look for more posts this week of travel bliss.


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