Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The East Side


It's about a month away. Just a few months ago, my wonderful friend Kristin and I decided we were going to Europe. Just like that. We thought, why not? We could scrounge up the money and wouldn't that be a nice reward to ourselves for finishing four years of college?

And here we are. Five weeks away from hopping on the plane to visit Eastern Europe.

Sometimes I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am to have the life that I have.

Lots of people have asked, why Berlin, Prague and Vienna?
Answer: I've been to France and Switzerland. Kristin's been to Italy. Neither of us wanted to go to Spain or Great Britain at this point in our lives, so we figured Eastern Europe was the way to go.

During these last couple of days, I've been gearing up for my trip:

Thanks, Borders, for the lovely maps. While I'm sad you're going out of business, I'm happy for all the deals.

*p.s. Has anyone noticed how much they've jacked up the prices of their books and then put them on "sale?" Psh. Rip off.

And thank you, public library, for the wonderful travel guides. Check out my travel survival book- if I get stuck in the jungle, desert or sea, I'll know just how to get by, thank you very much.

If you have any travel tips or books I should read, please tell! Kristin and I need as many recommendations as I can get before we can hit the road!

Next up: the long awaited and promised feature on my sister Page.

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